Fun Photos is.....

Capturing the really fun moments & enjoying every minute of it

Our story

     There’s something about a funny outfit, a silly dance, your boss walking around the Christmas party with a “kick me” sticky note on his back, that brings you a smile & a laugh.  Working with other DJ’s & event companies through the years, we always took the time to exchange thoughts & ideas.  We received so many requests for any candid shots we may have taken due to the absence of the photographer.  

We began Fun Photos when we realized that local photographers would only stay through the cake cutting, 1st dance & some thereafter.  We were the ones that gathered so many fun candid photos of the entire event.   Fun Photos is now bringing your events, your social media, & your business into the digital world where a simple photograph speaks loud.  We continue to document events, create social media content, ad clips,  & of course beautiful photography just for you.