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Capture your most memorable and adventurous experiences


Our photographers capture your event in a fun way.  It’s nice to look back and have the picture of your funny and silly moments that make your event.   Our roaming photographers can add excitement to any event by offering instant 4×6 HQ Canon prints, or by creating a custom photo booth.  

From birthday & office party’s, wedding’s, & graduation’s to parade’s, fund-raiser’s, corporate event’s, & car show’s.  Every event takes a little planning.  Fun Photos continues to simplify your planning time by  connecting you with trusted vendors for your next event.


Monterey Fun Photos continues to build relationships with local businesses and agencies to bring you the best event possible.   We offer fun idea’s and we like to keep in mind that we have so many events going virtual.  

Adding a little fun to your event sets you apart  and keeps your client’s, customer’s, employee’s,  or family entertained for hours.   Our photographers offer roaming photo ops, selfie booths, custom photo booths & much more…


Photography captures that moment in time, it also expresses a feeling, triggers a memory, or displays who you are.  Photos can be used in so many places.  From fun family photos to documenting your event, work site, social media feeds, and  more.

It’s nice to have photos of  things you Love.  Family, friends, pets, our life and business. 

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Capturing those candid & fun photos at your next event.  Check us out on Instagram @montereyfunphotos5